Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I consider donating surplus food?

There are three main reasons why food businesses are donating their surplus food.

What if my business does not have surplus food regularly?

That doesn't mean you shouldn't consider donating. Every little bit helps and in fact, the Zero Percent network is perfect for occasional, ad-hoc donations. Post your donation in 30 seconds on the ZP network whenever you happen to have food surplus. Non-profits in your area will be alerted immediately to find the agency best fit to pick up your food.

How can I make sure that all donated food is safe to eat?

It's pretty simple actually. Just follow these food safety guidelines. They are accessible on the Zero Percent platform every time you make a donation, just in case you need a refresher or are donating for the first time. Non-profits on our platform are aware of food safety guidelines and have trained staff and volunteers that preserve your food in a healthy way.

Should I be concerned about liability when donating food?

Absolutely not. Businesses are exempt from liability via the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996, a bill passed into law to help encourage food donations. The only exceptions are rare cases of gross negligence. As long as your staff follows these simple food safety guidelines, you shouldn't anticipate any problems.

Why should I use Zero Percent to donate food?

You can certainly donate food without using the Zero Percent platform. But if you've already made the choice to donate food, using Zero Percent is a no-brainer.

How can I calculate my tax savings for food donations?

Simple. Use this calculator.

How can I make sure my employees are using Zero Percent to donate surplus food?

Have your employees trained on using Zero Percent. The platform is amazingly easy to use. But training is still helpful. And our staff can conduct a live training session online for your staff to see.

Also, it is important to make donating food apart of your everyday culture. Include it on your daily to-do list. Write a reminder on your white board or leave a note by your waste bins to help your staff make donating food a habit.

If Zero Percent is free for non-profits and free for donors, what is in it for you?

We only charge donor businesses when they request detailed donation data for tax savings and decision making. And in the future we may offer optional premium services.

So, why are you a food donations company?

We are a tech company with a mission of eliminating food waste. We believe that facilitating food donations is an effective way to reduce food waste. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says donating food is the 2nd best preferred way to reduce food waste. And we're willing to facilitate food donations in any area of the country that serves this mission.

May I see a demo of the Zero Percent platform?

Certainly. But only because you asked politely. Take a look at this video of how Einstein Bagels in Champaign-Urbana, IL is using Zero Percent.

How can I learn more and ask questions?

Email us at and we can set up a time to chat live.